Layer Logic Features & Capabilities

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    Layer Logic Overview

    A brief overview of the majority of Layer Logic's features.

  • 2

    Popup Menu

    The popup menu provides quick access to a number of tasks and it opened by a quick 5 finger tap.

  • 3

    Pass Through Touch Control

    Demonstration of multiple users controlling multiple PCs simultaneously then switching PCs.

  • 4

    Recalling Presets

    Demonstration of presets being called using the popup menu and by using directional swipe gestures.

  • 5

    Resizing a Source

    Demonstration of resizing a video source using pinch and pull gestures.

  • 6

    Moving a Source

    Demonstration of moving a video source using a drag gesture.

  • 7

    Add/Remove/Change Source

    Demonstration of adding, removing and changing video sources using the popup menu.

  • 8


    Demonstration of annotating across multiple video sources.

  • 9


    Demonstration of whiteboarding.

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